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Collagen powder in daily diet

What if we say Collagen is most abundant protein present in your body and it is decreasing with time? Relax! You are not the only one. Most of us are unaware about this protein collagen peptides which supports skin, nails, hair, bones, cartilage, and joints. Collagen is present in our bodies since birth but with the increasing age, the production of collagen decreases which can lead to serious health issues like fine lines & wrinkles on face in early age, joint pain or stiffness, weak bones, easily breakable nails, weak hair. 

So, it’s better to understand the value of adding collagen rich food or collagen peptides supplements in your early age that help support collagen formation.


Some whole food sources help to support collagen would be omega-3 rich fish, such as salmon, as well as grass-fed meat, eggs and dairy products. But don’t forget about the veggies! A diet rich in vegetables containing antioxidants can help fight free radicals that are damaging to collagen.

Or you can just add Collagen supplements in your diet. Consuming 10gm-12gm of collagen powder in your food or beverages.


If we’re talking about overall potential health benefits, adding more collagen supplements is more beneficial and easy to do. The easiest and time saving way is to add collagen powder in your favourite smoothie, shake, soup etc. You can also try flavoured collagen according to your taste, mix it in plain water and enjoy.


Enhance Skin Quality:

By increasing the levels of collagen can help your skin look younger, increase smoothness, and help your skin cells keep renewing and repairing normally. According to studies, it also improved skin elasticity, skin moisture, trans epidermal water loss (dryness) and skin roughness, all with little to no side effects. That is why, Collagen is becoming one of the best natural skin care ingredients available.

Take good care of Bones and Joints:

Loosing collagen with time in body can cause less ease in joints, leading to stiffness, swollen joints, weak bones and more. It helps your joints move more easily, reduce future risks of fracture, reduces pain often associated with aging and even reduces the risk of joint deterioration. 

Aids in Digestion:

Collagen can be super-helpful, In case you are suffering from leaky gut syndrome (condition where bad-for-you toxins are able to pass through your digestive tract) or have digestion problems. 

Collagen peptide helps in breaking down proteins and soothes your gut’s lining, healing damaged cell walls and infusing it with healing amino acids.

Quality Hairs

Collagen help in the volume of hair and also provides natural shine to the hair. It has antioxidant properties which helps in fighting against cell damage in the dermal layer of the skin. Less cell damage helps in keeping both hair and skin moisturized which again helps in imparting shine to the hair.

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